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Madden NFL 18 is an impressive leap forward for the series. Not only is Longshot an ambitious and fantastically told story, it’s one that isn't limited to pre-existing football fans. There's also more ways to enjoy the game than ever before, as there are several play styles that will mold the game into either a more realistic or arcade-like experience depending on what the user desires. EA Tiburon has set a new high bar for the series, that they'll have to work towards reaching every year going forward. For now, though, NFL fans can enjoy one of the best sports games that Electronic Arts has ever put out.

Madden NFL 18 Overview Of Longshot Story Mode

September 25, 2017

One of the great features that sports the Madden NFL 18 sports simulator is Longshot mode. This part of the story, which according to the creators of a "playable cinematic" mode, puts users in the role of the character of Devine Wade. The story line is about the life of this character that has been …

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Madden NFL 18 - Dream Of A Footballer

September 15, 2017

Every year in September you are looking forward to numerous sports games. On August 25, Madden NFL 18 appeared for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. On both consoles you can enjoy the Frostbite Engine. This was already used at FIFA 17 last year. This is to bring the ultimate experience in the football sta…

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How To Earn Coins In Madden 18 Ultimate Team

September 11, 2017

Madden NFL 2018 is the new delivery of the American football simulator of Electronic Arts, the sport king in the United States and that increasingly generates more followers in Spain.

Although you earn the aforementioned Level Master Packs through playing Solo Challenges and levelling up, you can…

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Madden NFL 18 Is The Most Famous Football Game In The World

August 30, 2017

Good things happen to those who wait. And the New Engald Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, has been waiting for 17 years to be featured on the cover of the world's most famous football game in the world: Madden NFL.

The aforementioned video game, distributed since August 25th, has just five times …

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Madden 18 Delivers A Significant Visual Improvement

August 30, 2017

Electronic Arts Inc. revealed that Madden NFL 18 features the power of Frostbite, one of the most powerful graphics engines, creating a Madden NFL experience like you've never seen it before. It delivers a significant visual improvement not only to players, but to fans, stadiums and more. Such a tru…

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